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In today's Smartphone-centric World, lots of mobile app developers prefer to develop for the most popular platforms - IOS and Android. I should know because I am a developer too. The last thing I and my dev friends want is to spend all our time writing code for a Platform (PC), where our apps might never hit the limelight.

Unfortunately, once a good app takes off on mobile, you might expect the developers to immediately port them to PC but that almost never happens because of how busy the devs end up, supporting their already existing users on a big mobile Platform. With almost 1.5billion active PCs as at January, 2020 (Source: Statista ), this is a WRONG MOVE.

We want you to be able to use your favorite mobile apps on your PC. Hence why we created Today, now in over 16 translations and Languages, we are empowering people all over the World, to enjoy the power of mobile coded apps on their computers, while improving the productivity of the World. Let us help you Find the best guide on how to use your Favorite mobile apps on your Computer. Join Us!

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