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Getting started watching movies together with Rave Party

 These days, there are very few apps that you wouldn't find online to perform some action or another. One of those apps, you can use to connect with friends and family across the world. Its tagline is Your Movie Nights Partner. This is the Rave app.  Rave is a social app that combines messaging and video streaming services to enable users to enjoy the best of both worlds. It was created by Micheal Pazarataz on Christmas day in the year 2014.

This is how Rave works. You see a video on social media and would like your friend to see it just like you are in real time. You can use the Rave app and you both can view and message at the same time on the same screen. It works with both your Netflix and YouTube account as you can easily organize a movie time with them without needing to be with them in person. 

When it comes to design, the Rave app is beautiful. The user interface is quite instinctive and easy to steer.

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Cool features of Rave Party for Pc

  1. It has a text/voice message feature.
  2. It is YouTube and Netflix enabled 
  3. There's an option to listen to music with different people around the world
  4. It possesses video sharing feature
  5. You can join friends even in virtual reality.
  6. You can create an instant speaker system by syncing devices. 
  7. You can create custom music video mashups with RaveDJ


Is Rave watch party safe? Here's why you'll love Rave

Rave is a safe app to use. It allows you to socialise even while you're at home. It lets you connect with friends without necessarily leaving your comfort zone.

 Sure there are restrictions like what if you want to be able to touch them but still remain in your comfort? Who knows, maybe soon an app will be created for that. Rave however comes close to giving people what they want. You also can chat with these people, while watching a movie or video or listening to a song with them, all on the same screen. Now you can even have Karaoke parties as this is one of the new features introduced recently. 


Advantages of hosting a watch party with Rave

  • It is a nice app for singers to connect with each other, sing and listen to their favorite songs. 
  • You can host movies watch parties with friends
  • You can go on virtual dates using Rave.
  • You can stream videos from different services.



  • It contains some bugs.
  • There are limited streaming platforms.
  • There are sometimes issues with subtitles.

Download and install Rave – Watch Party on your computer

Hurray! Seems an app like rave is available for Windows! Download below:

SN App Download Review Maker
1 Raven for Twitter Download 3.9/5
105 Reviews
2 Traverse Download /5
0 Reviews
3 Travelzoo Download 4.3/5
7 Reviews
Microsoft Store

Not satisfied? Check for compatible PC Apps or Alternatives

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pc app rave Get App or Alternatives 64661 Reviews
Rave Media, Inc.
Or follow the guide below to use on PC:

Select Windows version:

  1. Windows 7-10
  2. Windows 11

Learn how to install and use the Rave – Watch Party app on your PC or Mac in 4 simple steps below:

  1. Download an Android emulator for PC and Mac:
    Get either Bluestacks or the Nox App >> . We recommend Bluestacks because you can easily find solutions online if you run into problems while using it. Download Bluestacks Pc or Mac software Here >> .

  2. Install the emulator on your PC or Mac:
    On your computer, goto the Downloads folder » click to install Bluestacks.exe or Nox.exe » Accept the License Agreements » Follow the on-screen prompts to complete installation.

  3. Using Rave on PC [Windows 7/ 8/8.1/ 10/ 11]:
    • Open the Emulator app you installed » goto its search bar and search "Rave"
    • The search will reveal the Rave – Watch Party app icon. Open, then click "Install".
    • Once Rave is downloaded inside the emulator, locate/click the "All apps" icon to access a page containing all your installed applications including Rave.
    • Now enjoy Rave on PC.

  4. Using Rave on Mac OS:
    Install Rave – Watch Party on your Mac using the same steps for Windows OS above.

Get a Compatible APK for PC

Download Developer Rating Score Current version Adult Ranking
Check for APK → Rave Media, Inc. 64661 4.41101 6.5.4 12+

How to download and install Rave on Windows 11

To use Rave mobile app on Windows 11, install the Amazon Appstore. This enables you browse and install android apps from a curated catalog. Here's how:

  1. Check device compatibility
    • RAM: 8GB (minimum), 16GB (recommended)
    • Storage: SSD
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 8th Gen, AMD Ryzen 3000 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c (minimum)
    • Processor architecture: x64 or ARM64

  2. Check if there's a native Rave Windows app ». If none, proceed to next step.

  3. Install the Amazon-Appstore ».
    • Click on "Get" to begin installation. It also automatically installs Windows Subsystem for Android.
    • After installation, Goto Windows Start Menu or Apps list » Open the Amazon Appstore » Login (with Amazon account)

  4. Install Rave on Windows 11:
    • After login, search "Rave" in search bar. On the results page, open and install Rave – Watch Party.
    • After installing, Goto Start menu » Recommended section » Rave. OR Goto Start menu » "All apps".

Rave – Watch Party On iTunes

Download Developer Rating Score Current version Adult Ranking
Free On iTunes Rave Media, Inc. 64661 4.41101 6.5.4 12+

Top Pcmac Reviews

  • Fix the app.

    By Leslie1114 (Pcmac user)

    I’ve never written a negative review for an app because I didn’t want to bother so I just deleted them, that’s not the point here. I rely on this app to watch movies and videos with friends and it was working fine until recently. 1. The app freezes sometimes for no reason so I have to close the app and sometimes that doesn’t solve it 2. After some time the chats don’t show up for the other person 3. Videos take long to load sometimes I was watching a movie with a friend and the whole screen froze, no big deal, I closed the application but the audio was still playing. I told my friend to pause it and he did but I could still hear it as if the movie was still playing. I had to restart my phone for it to work again. Minutes later it happens again but I can’t even close the application NOR shut my phone off. I have an iPhone XR that’s only 3 months old, everything up to date. Restarting my phone doesn’t solve anything. Please fix these bugs, this app is the only app I can watch stuff with friends on ever since Rabbit was shut down.
  • creepy and stores your information

    By RedLynx107 (Pcmac user)

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP I downloaded this app, and immediately they asked for me to sign in with an already existing account. A facebook, twitter, or google account. Before you sign in to one of they say that they will access your information from the account. They do not give you an option to create an in-app account. They ask to know your location, even if you say no, it knows your country. If you sign in with any account and then log out, going back in to sign into the same type of account (if you have two google account or something and decide to use your 2nd one but already logged into the 1st one) it says you have logged into an account already, and then if you say to proceed, they sign you back into the 1st one. They store your email and password to the account. If you want to watch Netflix, even off of someone else's Netflix account in a "this app" room, they make you sign into a Netflix account. They store your data and have access to everything in whatever account you give them the password and email too. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP
  • Please Read

    By Kenedi F (Pcmac user)

    I love the idea of this app. t’s pretty cool that you can watch different videos/shows with your friends. However, My BIGGEST issue and something that’s terribly difficult for me to get over is how early it cuts the videos/shows off. Me and my boyfriend enjoy watching Netflix series together and I get so irritated with how soon it ends and prompts us to choose the next episode. Also the video freezes up very frequently and the audio doesn’t play a lot of times. I’m still giving 3 stars because I think overall the concept of the app is a very savvy. Hope y’all take this feedback into consideration it definitely has a lot of potential!
  • Bring viki back please!

    By 500coco (Pcmac user)

    What’s the point of replace viki with the web if the web doesn’t let you watch it with your friends? My friend and I only used use this app because it was the only app that let us watch viki together even though we weren’t in the same room. No we can’t do that. We tried using the web to do it, but it doesn’t let us add each other to watch it. That doesn’t even matter because the web doesn’t even let you play the show. I really don’t get what the point of replacing viki was, but please make an effort to bring it back. I get to see my friend once a year twice at most, and this was the only way for us to do things together. Now we can’t even do that. Thank you.

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