Truth Social User Statistics (2023)

truth social stats
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The recent Truth Social statistics show how they record over 50,000 downloads in recent times. Read through and find out why this app could be the next big thing.

Imagine a social media platform that affords open, free and worldwide interaction without boundaries. Imagine having deep interactions concerning political tenets and principles. 

Truth Social promises to give a voice to its users to express their opinions and ideals freely. Users need not fear being censored or getting banned outrightly is not as opposed to what is obtainable on other platforms.

Spearheading this bold creation of an app is the incorrigible former United States president and billionaire business tycoon Donald Trump. 

In fact, Truth Social is actually his very own substitute social media platform, after getting banned from platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

With all these said, let us dive right into the amazing stats of this social media platform causing so much stir.

When was Truth Social Created?

The former United States president, Donald Trump was temporarily suspended for two years from Facebook and Instagram following the attack of his supporters on the Capitol building in Washington DC.

Shortly after and for several reasons like allegedly inciting the assault on the Capitol building leading to the death of some civilians, he was permanently suspended from Twitter.

Not long after he left the White House in January 2021, he established Trump Media & Technology Group(TMTG). This tech company was created to challenge Silicon Valley and Big Tech that mainstream content posted on social media to their own ideology.

On Presidents’ day, February 21st 2022, Truth Social app was launched on the US Apple app store. The publisher is T Media Tech LLC in Delaware USA.

Truth Social Statistics:Number of Users 

According to Statista, Truth Social app had around 2 million active users about the time of the launch.

Market watch shows us that the app downloads have plummeted and active users daily was estimated to be about 513,000 users.

Following the recent turn of events, a lot of users are faced with glitches while trying to use the app. This has caused a serious decline in its use.

Moreover less and less content is uploaded on the app and most users actually don’t return to make use of the app at all.

Number of App Downloads 

According to Statista, the Truth Social app had approximately 2 million downloads from users in the US during the first 2 weeks after its launch.

As of April 24, 2022, the app was only available on the Apple app store still waiting for approval for release on Google play playstore till date.

After the initial peak number of downloads, the number of downloads per week is estimated to be 60,000 per week. Analytics admit that this number is still expected to decline.

However it is speculated that the release of the app on Google playstore and making the app available to more countries would increase the number of downloads.

Weekly Reports on Number of Truth Social app downloads in the US from Week 8 to 16 2022

  • Week 8: 462,232 downloads
  • Week 9: 1,613,534 downloads
  • Week 10: 308,620 downloads 
  • Week 11: 232,054 downloads
  • Week 12: 123,852 downloads
  • Week 13: 80,495 downloads
  • Week 14: 74,080 downloads 
  • Week 15: 69,874 downloads
  • Week 16: 61,140 downloads

source: statista

After its launch, Truth Social app was recorded to be the most downloaded app on the Apple app store as of 21 February.

Nevertheless it was soon reported that the app had a lot of glitches. According to Deseret, many users complained of several error messages and couldn’t sign in.

Others who tried to download the app were put on a waiting list more than a million long. 

User Growth Rate History

According to Newsweek, Truth Social app attracted more than half a million users in its first 48 hours. 

Sadly, the app developed a lot of technical issues. Crashing, error messages, long waiting lists, performance issues, User validation issues among many.

It has been reported that its founder, the former president of the US, Donald Trump is not even an active user of the platform. Also he has expressed unhappiness with the manner in which the app turned out generally.

Truth Social Statistics:App Rankings

According to Marca, Truth Social was the most downloaded free app on the Apple app store just a day after its launch. app analytics shows us it currently has a 4.2 star rating 56,835 users responded 

The app didn’t hold its #1 spot on the app store for long and it’s position has long since been plummeting down.

Daily beast reveals that the app is currently ranking #355 on the Apple app store.

User Demographics 

Who are the users of Truth Social?

Truth Social media platform is available only to those living in the US and Canada. 

A survey conducted in March 2022 shows the following concerning the use of the app:

  • Among all social media users, only about 3-4%
  • Among male respondents, 5%
  • Among millenials, 6%
  • Among college graduates, 6%
  • Among Reddit users, 9%
  • Among gamers/esport fans, 9%

source: Statista 

Brand Awareness of Truth Social in the United States 

Currently, brand awareness of Truth Social in the US is about 25%. Only about 4% of social media users in the US say they like Truth Social. 

Out of the 25% of Users that are aware of this platform, only about 16% like the brand. Also, only 2% of social media users in the US say they are likely to use the app again.

Source: Statista 

Truth Social Users by Age

This table shows a share of registered  voters in the US who expect to use the Truth Social media platform as of March 2022, by age group. 

Age  A lot Some Not much Not at All
18-34 7% 28% 15% 50%
35-44 12% 25% 15% 49%
45-64 10% 21% 12% 57%
65+ 5% 15% 14% 66%

Source: Statista

It can be seen here that a lot of respondents do not expect to use this social media platform. 

Truth Social Team

  • Founder: Donald Trump
  • Devin Dunes, CEO of TMTG

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What Makes Truth Social Unique

truth social user stats


Truth Social is not about filtering content but concentrates more on accessibility. 

Reformists, revolutionists, even extremists are all welcome. Anyone can interact freely without the penalty of banning, throttling or political manipulation. 

Because it uses the same interface, Mastodon, Truth Social has a lot of features similar to Twitter.

In fact, their workings are almost identical. Tweets on Twitter, Truths on Truth Social. Retruth replaces Retweet and Truth feed replaces News feed.


Despite its glitchy debut, the overall concept of Truth Social is quite amazing. Though it’s prospects do not look so good, the app offers wonderful features that are unprecedented. 

Stay tuned to this site for updated Truth Social Statistics and more.