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★ ★ ★ About Microsoft Authenticator

What is Microsoft Authenticator?

Microsoft Authenticator is a mobile app that provides easy and secure sign-ins for all your online accounts using multi-factor authentication, passwordless, or password autofill. It offers additional account management options for your Microsoft personal, work, or school accounts. The app supports multiple accounts, including non-Microsoft accounts like Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, and more.



- Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for a second layer of security

- One-time password (OTP) codes with a 30-second timer

- Passwordless login using your phone's fingerprint, face ID, or PIN

- Password autofill for Microsoft and non-Microsoft accounts

- Support for importing passwords from Google Chrome and other password managers

- Cert-based authentication for work or school accounts

- Optional access permissions for accessibility service, location, camera, and storage

- Easy and secure access to Microsoft products and services, such as Outlook, OneDrive, Office, and more.


  • - Linking accounts to an authenticator provides better control and account security
  • - Extra step in security can go a long way
  • - Authenticator works very well on iPhone and has been solid and reliable on multiple accounts

Common dislikes:

  • - Apple Watch version does not work at all
  • - Push notifications on Apple Watch do not work properly and result in errors
  • - Accounts can disappear after restoring from backup without a proper backup on iCloud account.

Download and install Microsoft Authenticator on your computer

Hurray! Seems an app like microsoft authenticator is available for Windows! Download below:

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Microsoft Corporation

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Or follow the guide below to use on PC:

Select Windows version:

  1. Windows 7-10
  2. Windows 11

Learn how to install and use the Microsoft Authenticator app on your PC or Mac in 4 simple steps below:

  1. Download an Android emulator for PC and Mac:
    Get either Bluestacks or the Nox App >> . We recommend Bluestacks because you can easily find solutions online if you run into problems while using it. Download Bluestacks Pc or Mac software Here >> .

  2. Install the emulator on your PC or Mac:
    On your computer, goto the Downloads folder » click to install Bluestacks.exe or Nox.exe » Accept the License Agreements » Follow the on-screen prompts to complete installation.

  3. Using Microsoft Authenticator on PC [Windows 7/ 8/8.1/ 10/ 11]:
    • Open the Emulator app you installed » goto its search bar and search "Microsoft Authenticator"
    • The search will reveal the Microsoft Authenticator app icon. Open, then click "Install".
    • Once Microsoft Authenticator is downloaded inside the emulator, locate/click the "All apps" icon to access a page containing all your installed applications including Microsoft Authenticator.
    • Now enjoy Microsoft Authenticator on PC.

  4. Using Microsoft Authenticator on Mac OS:
    Install Microsoft Authenticator on your Mac using the same steps for Windows OS above.

Get a Compatible APK for PC

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Check for APK → Microsoft Corporation 236563 4.78664 6.7.6 4+

How to download and install Microsoft Authenticator on Windows 11

To use Microsoft Authenticator mobile app on Windows 11, install the Amazon Appstore. This enables you browse and install android apps from a curated catalog. Here's how:

  1. Check device compatibility
    • RAM: 8GB (minimum), 16GB (recommended)
    • Storage: SSD
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 8th Gen, AMD Ryzen 3000 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c (minimum)
    • Processor architecture: x64 or ARM64

  2. Check if there's a native Microsoft Authenticator Windows app ». If none, proceed to next step.

  3. Install the Amazon-Appstore ».
    • Click on "Get" to begin installation. It also automatically installs Windows Subsystem for Android.
    • After installation, Goto Windows Start Menu or Apps list » Open the Amazon Appstore » Login (with Amazon account)

  4. Install Microsoft Authenticator on Windows 11:
    • After login, search "Microsoft Authenticator" in search bar. On the results page, open and install Microsoft Authenticator.
    • After installing, Goto Start menu » Recommended section » Microsoft Authenticator. OR Goto Start menu » "All apps".

Microsoft Authenticator On iTunes

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Free On iTunes Microsoft Corporation 236563 4.78664 6.7.6 4+

Software Features and Description

Discovering the right Productivity app for your needs is hard, which is why we are happy to give you Microsoft Authenticator from Microsoft Corporation. Use this app for easy, secure sign-ins for all your online accounts using multi-factor authentication, passwordless, or password autofill. You also have additional account management options for your the app personal, work or school accounts. Getting started with multi-factor authentication Multi factor authentication (MFA)provides a second layer of security. When enabled, during login after entering your password, you’ll be asked for an additional way to prove it’s really you. Either approve the notification sent to the this app, or enter the one-time password (OTP) generated by Microsoft Authenticator . The OTP codes have a 30 second timer counting down. This timer is so you never have to use the same time-based one-time password (TOTP) twice and you don’t have to remember the number. The OTP doesn’t require you to be connected to a network, and it won’t drain your battery. You can add multiple accounts to your app, including non-the app accounts like Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, and more. Getting started with passwordless Use your phone, not your password, to log into your the app account. Just enter your username, then approve the notification sent to your phone. Your fingerprint, face ID, or PIN will provide a second layer of security in this two-step verification process. After you’ve signed in with two factor authentication (2FA), you’ll have access to all your the app products and services, such as Outlook, OneDrive, Office, and more. Getting started with autofill this app app can also autofill passwords for you. Sign-in on the Passwords tab inside the Authenticator app with your personal the app account to start syncing passwords, including the passwords saved in the app Edge. Make this app the default autofill provider and start autofilling passwords on apps and sites you visit on your mobile. Your passwords are protected with multi-factor authentication in Microsoft Authenticator . You will need to prove yourself with your fingerprint, face ID, or PIN to access and autofill passwords on your mobile. You can also import passwords from Google Chrome and other password managers. the app personal, work or school accounts Sometimes your work or school might ask you to install the this app when accessing certain organization resources. You will need to register your device to your organization through Microsoft Authenticator and add your work or school account. this app supports cert-based authentication by issuing a certificate on your device. This will let your organization know that the sign-in request is coming from a trusted device and help you seamlessly and securely access additional the app apps and services without needing to log into each. Access Permissions this app includes the following optional access permissions. All these require user consent. If you choose to not grant these optional access permissions, you can still use this app for other services that do not require such permission. For more information see Accessibility Service. Used to optionally support Autofill on more apps and sites. Location. Sometimes your organization wants to know your location before allowing you to access certain resources. Microsoft Authenticator will request this permission only if your organization has a policy requiring location. Camera. Used to scan QR codes when you add a work, school, or non-the app account. Read the contents of your storage. This permission is only used when you report a technical problem through Microsoft Authenticator settings. Some information from your storage is collected to diagnose the issue.. If Microsoft Authenticator suits you, get the 56.49 MB app for 6.7.6 on PC.

Top Pcmac Reviews

  • Everyone Needs This

    By Rooster Tim (Pcmac user)

    I have recommended this app to everyone I know. Linking your accounts to an authenticatoe gives you must better control and account security. Should someone attempt to crack into a certain account, and should have the password, I still have to authorize it. If I deny it, I can then change the password when I am able to. An extra step in security can go a long way, and this is a step in the right direction.
  • NEED DEVELOPER RESPONSE - Locked of all accounts

    By JHesidenz (Pcmac user)

    After upgrading to a new iPhone today, I restored everything from a backup earlier in the day. After installing everything I begin to login to several different accounts like discord, Twitter etc. I didn’t get very far until I got the request to confirm my identity via my Authenticator app. I opened my app to find NOTHING. All of my accounts were gone. I click “begin backup” and get the message that I don’t have a backup on my iCloud account, the same one I had been using for years. I’m completely at a loss. I’ve been frantically trying to contact support from Azure to the app and haven’t found anyone who can or would be willing to help me. I have no idea what to do - this is an atrocious, horrific flaw with this app and I would never have downloaded it if I knew this could possibly happen. I desperately need someone to reach out to me to help correct this issue.
  • Great on iPhone Watch app is a bust

    By EdLewis2 (Pcmac user)

    Authenticator works very well on iPhone. It has been solid and reliable where i use it on a number of accounts. 5 stars. I was excited to hear a Apple Watch version came out. That is a complete bust, not working at all. Zero stars. The Watch app does nothing but declare that an account can be set up. Fiddling with it for a half hour gave the proclamation ‘setup successful’. Still not producing codes like it should I discovered to my dismay that the iPhone version crashed and had to be removed and reinstalled. Suggestion: take the Watch app off the store until it is properly documented and can be made to work. 5 stars for iPhone app, 0 for watch gives an average of 2.5 or 3.
  • Watch app is not up to park with Phone app

    By ItsTheArsonist (Pcmac user)

    I don't believe I've ever been able to get the Authenticator app to work properly with push notifications on the Apple Watch. I get the notification on the Watch just fine. I approve it, select the correct number shown on the screen, then it thinks for a second and says "Something went wrong." I pull out my phone and perform the same steps and it works great, Face ID and all that goodness on the phone. This issue has persisted two different phones, multiple app updates, and different IOS builds. Not sure if MS will ever fix it but I'll hold out hope for them to fix the otherwise great service.

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