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As a thriving writer, you may want to check out some Medium statistics. You’ll find out that more people are downloading the app daily and you have a large audience waiting to see what you’ve got!

Medium is an online platform that offers writers the opportunity to showcase their works to a global audience.

It accommodates writers of all sorts including journalists, novelists, screen writers and poets.

Moreso, Medium gives so many writers the possibility earning. They are infact, a reputable digital publishing platform.

The categories of content and topics one can find on Medium is inexhaustible. They include; Health, Music, Education, Art, Social Media, Sports, Tech and Entrepreneurship.

You could also find; Entertainment, Politics, Business, Food, Love, Poetry, Travel, Culinary Art, Cryptocurrency, Life Lessons and much more on the platform.

Interestingly, Neil Patel refers to Medium as ” the Youtube of writing.” Millions of visits are recorded on the platform monthly thus making it a hub for writers and readers.

Writers can easily market their works and get paid, and readers have access to a vast variety of content.

Another special thing to note about Medium is that it combines with the features of a blog. This means that users have profiles and can follow each other like most social media platforms operate.

With all these said, let’s dive right into some Medium statistics.

When was Medium Created?

According to the Medium guide, Medium was created by Evan Williams in August, 2012.

Williams was one of the founders of Twitter and Blogger hence the similarity of the three apps in features.

Moreso, the Medium app is published by Medium Corporation headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA.

Blogging guide reveals that since its inception in 2012, Medium made several acquisitions which include Superfeedr, Talkshow Industries Incorporated, YesPath, Glose and some others.

The platform was designed to systematically focus on what an author writes about and not on the author who is writing.

The platform had undergone several modifications and improvements over the years.

Today Medium has a partner program where members can get paid according to a reading time metric system.

Medium Statistics: Number of Users

How Large Is Medium’s User Base?

Casey shows that the number of members registered on Medium is currently above 54 million and the app sees between 85 and 100 million monthly active users.

Number of Medium Subscribers

According to Blogging Guide, Medium had about 400,000 subscribers by the end of 2019. By the end of 2020, they reached over 700,000 subscribers .

Medium was completely free after its creation in 2012 but by 2017, it switched to a business model.

In recent times, the platform remains free to use, though you can only access certain locked features and content upon subscription.

According to Blogging Guide, the cost of Medium subscription is $5 per month and $50 annually. Campbell also reveals the current number of paying subscribers to be near 400,000.

Medium Statistics: App Downloads

Ever since its launch in 2012, Medium has been having an increasing number of app downloads because of increasing awareness.

Currently, Medium has over 5 million downloads on Google play store. Downloads may seem low as the majority of users access the website directly through their browsers.

Medium Statistics:Traffic Sources

Analysis from Similarweb gives the sources of traffic on Medium platform as follows;

  • Search: 46.6%
  • Referrals: 12.4%
  • Social: 8.2%
  • Direct: 3.8%
  • Mail: 3.8%
  • Others: 25.2%

App Rankings

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Analysis from Similarweb puts Medium as the #15 apps in social networks and online communities app category.

Google play store analysis also puts Medium as the #7 top grossing app in the news and magazines app category. It is also rated the #25 app in the news category on Apple app store.

Medium gets a 4.2 out of 5 star rating after over 188,000 user reviews on Google play store. It also has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating after over 94,500 user reviews on the Apple app store.

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User Demographics

Medium Statistics: Users

  • Apart from registered users and members of this platform, Medium has external readers that access its contents through search engines like Google, on social media or via email.
  • Some users also access content through direct links to the various articles. 
  • Medium has a visit count of over 154 million users in April, 2022 and over 163 million users in March, 2022 users with a bounce rate of 75.5%.

source: Blogging Guide, Similarweb 

Gender Distribution 

Similarweb reveals that Medium’s audience is 65.24% male and 34.76% female.

Age Distribution 

Age Range % Use of the App
18-24 25.14%
25-34 35.84%
35-44 19.13%
45-54 10.43%
55-64 5.84%
65+ 3.63%.

Source: Similarweb 

Top Countries

  • United States 26.91%
  • India 7.74%
  • United Kingdom 4.18%
  • Canada 3.59%
  • Brazil 2.71%
  • Other countries 54.87%

source: Similarweb Revenue


Crunchbase reveals that Medium has received funds from several investors over the years in four rounds of funding that totals about $163 million. The most notable of these investors are:

How Much Does Medium Make?

Currently, subscriptions on the platform are $5 a month and $50 a year. Subscription affords access to premium publications and stories and other premium features. 

When subscribers access premium locked contents, part of their subscription fees go to the authors of such and such content.

 According to Crunchbase, Medium had a $500 million to $1 billion post-money valuation as of April 2016.

Similarweb  reveals that Medium Corporation generates an annual revenue that ranges from $25 million to $50 million. 

Medium Management Team

Meet the executive team heading this amazing platform.

  • Ev Williams. CEO/President 
  • Michael Sippey. Vice President, Product
  • Siobhan O’Connor. Vice President, Editorial
  • Billy Aldea-Martinez. Publisher & Editor-in-chief 
  • Ian Arthurs. Chief Operating Officer 
  • Jon Crosby. Vice President, Engineering, Infrastructure 
  • Scott Lamb. Vice President, Publisher Growth & Strategy
  • Alexis Lloyd. Vice President, Product Design
  • Karene Tropen. Vice President, Marketing

source: Comparably 

Number of Employees

Analysis from Crunchbase puts the number of Medium’s employees to be between 101 and 250 and they are currently hiring.

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Whether you are a voracious reader or a writer looking for a platform to connect to other writers and showcase your pieces, Medium is the best bet for you.

The central idea behind the platform is amazing and readers are satisfied plus writers are paid.