Duplica Emulator - A Beautiful UI for Scrcpy

Mirror your Android smartphone directly on your Windows PC - Play Games, read books, etc. Duplica has no restrictions.

How it Works ↓

What is Duplica?

Duplica helps you see what's happening on your Android phone from your PC - and it's free! It's a great way to use your phone while working on your PC. The app seamlessly connects your phone to your computer so you can see the status of your device and use your phone's apps on your PC.

For technical users: Duplica is a build of Scrcpy and packages Scrcpy and ADP into a single app, making it easy for non-technical users to get started mirroring their android device on their PC. Duplica is a multi-lingual tool and has been translated into 10 languages.

How it Works

Duplica helps you use mirror your Android to your PC without stress, or clunky software.

1. Download and Install
Download & extract "Duplica.msi" from the rar file. Install on PC by following all on-screen prompts. You might need to allow it through your firewall by adding it to the "Exceptions" tab in your Windows firewall.
2. Enable USB debugging
On your Android device, Go to Settings > About <device>. Tap the Build number seven times to make Settings > Developer options available. Then enable the USB Debugging option.
3. Connect your phone to your PC via a USB cord
After connecting, open Duplica on your computer and click on "Mirror Device". If your USB connection is properly setup, your phone's screen will be mirrored on your PC.
4. Interacting with Duplica
Interacting with your phone on Duplica is as easy as you would expect it to be. Just click to tap, click & drag to swipe. App orientation will also be translated to the screen.
5. Using Android apps on PC
You can use any app installed on your device on your PC, by opening the app on your phone's screen in the Duplica window.
6. Installing APKs and Files
You can install APK files on your Android device from your PC by dragging the .apk file from your PC into your phone's screen on Duplica.
7. Configuration options
Some great configuration options are: change window title, position and size, border, turn screen off, show touches, etc

Ready to get started?

Duplica allows you to display and use your phone on a personal computer with just a USB connection.

Download Duplica (117MB) →