BeReal Usage & Growth Statistics 2023

bereal statistics
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BeReal is a social media platform that brings to light the real, earnest, everyday, actual version of you. Guess what? It is not like every other app. The following BeReal statistics will tell you why.

BeReal is a very simple to use. Its central idea is asking users to take a photo once a day and upload it. This is done after they have received a push notification to do so.

Spicing up the experience is the condition that the user has up to 2 minutes to share their photo.

The reason is so that their friends can view their photos. Moreso, users can view their friends’ photos and know what they’re up to.

The requirements are not much either. Your selfie camera in your smartphone and Internet service are all you need to share in this fun.

Let’s now explore the amazing statistics of this social media superhit.

When Was BeReal Created?

Business insider shows us that Bereal was founded by French cofounders Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau.

Alexis, who was a former employee at GoPro together with Kévin, launched the app in December, 2019 with its headquarters in France.

Currently, it is available for iOS devices on Apple app store and for android devices on Google play store.

BeReal Statistics: Number of Users 

According to Tech crunch, BeReal social media platform hit over 2.9 million active daily users as of April 2022.

Apptopia reveals that its monthly active users have grown by 315% just in the last fiscal year.

Since it originated from France, it has spread to other European countries and is also currently available in the United States.

According to Statista, BeReal was in fact the most popular social media application for iPhone users in Norway in February, 2022.

Of course making the app available in other countries will increase the number of users visiting this social media platform. 

BeReal Statistics: App Downloads

According to Apptopia, as of April 2022, BeReal had recorded over 7.4 million downloads with 66% of the downloads ascribed to iOS devices.

Following increased social awareness, 65% of its lifetime downloads took place this year alone. Recent analysis brings the numbers pushing to nearly 7.7 million.

Similarweb also reveals that BeReal is currently the #4 most used social networking apps on the United States Apple app store.

User Growth Rate History

bereal user growth
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According to Archyde, in January 2020, BeReal had only about 10,000 users just 1 month after launch.

By the beginning of July that same year, the platform had reached 10,000 downloads a day with over 400,000 daily active users.

Tech Crunch based on analysis from April 2022 gives the number of downloads as 7.67 million with France and the United States contributing about 41%.

This is coupled with the fact that the number of daily active users have reached and spilled over the astounding figure of 2.93 million.

It has been established that much of the growth came about by users telling their friends about the platform. Another factor that accelerated the user Growth was the ingenious idea of the BeReal college ambassador program.

BeReal Statistics on App Rankings 

The Apple app store review of this social media platform reveals that it has a 4.8 star rating from over 34,000 users that rated the app.

It also received a 4.2 star rating in Google play store after over 18,000 users rated the social media platform. 

It is also ranked the #2 social networking app on the Apple app store and it’s suitable for users 12 years and older.

Ever since its creation in December 2019, BeReal has possessed some amazing rankings:

  • In Canada, BeReal is currently #1 most used social networking app in Apple app store.
  • In the US, it is currently the #4 most used social networking app in the Apple app store.
  • In France, it is currently the #9 most used social networking app in the Apple app store.
  • In the UK, it ranks as the #1 most used social networking app on Apple app store
  • In Spain, it is the #6 most used social networking apps on the Apple app store. 
  • In Belgium, BeReal is the #1 most used social networking app on the Apple app store.

Source: Similarweb. These rankings are based on app usage.

User Demographics 

bereal user demograph
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BeReal Is Available in Which Countries?

BeReal social media platform is currently available in the United States as well as most countries in Europe.

It is available in French, English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and German

Who Are the Users of BeReal?

Analysis has shown that the majority of users of the BeReal platform fall into the unique bracket of people: Generation Z, Gen Z for short.

Individuals that demographers designated under this generation were born between 1997 and 2012. Currently, they fall between ages 10 and 25.

A generation marked by open mindedness, very transformative, tech savvy to the point of being addicted, always trendy. This generation welcomed BeReal with open arms.

With all its features and striking daily challenge, BeReal is making its way to be the new favorite social media app of Generation Z.

According to SocialMediaToday, as of February 2022, 80% of the iPhone users of BeReal in France were between 16-24 years of age. Gen Zers are also reported to be 180% more likely to use the app.

Also since BeReal was created and is headquartered in France, French users constitute 30% of all-time downloads.

BeReal Revenue

How much money has the BeReal platform made?

According to Productmint, BeReal is currently not monetized. It is actually financed by outside investors. It is speculated that BeReal will be monetized in future.

Among the world-class investors are Xavier Niel of Kima Ventures, New Wave, Andreessen Horowitz, Acel and DST.

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BeReal Management Team

Productmint reveals that BeReal company staff number over 150. Heading this company are 3 executives:

  • Alexis Barreyat, Founder 
  • Kevin Perreau, Founder
  • Romain Salzman, Chief Operating Officer

What Makes BeReal Remarkable 

bereal stats
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It boosts friendship. Here’s  a platform that allows everyone to post an unedited, unfiltered photo once a day.

The two-minute window enables friends to view each other’s photos in real-time. Refuse to post or post after two minutes and all your friends are notified.

A user can’t view photos of friends if he/she hasn’t posted so everyone is engaged. Topping the whole experience is that users react to their friends’ posts using reaction selfies.

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With the detailed Bereal statistics above, it is no wonder Gen Zers became endeared to BeReal. This platform will really enable you to see your friends for real and provide a wholesome experience for everyone.