Azur Lane

Azur Lane for PC


  • Release date: 2019-06-04
  • Current version: 1.3.6
  • File size: 1.68 GB
  • Compatibility: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista and Macintosh OS

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Download and install Azur Lane on your Laptop or Desktop computer

4.5 Rating: 4.5 - 1,830 votes

If you want to install and use the Azur Lane app on your PC or Mac, you will need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer. We have worked diligently to help you understand how to use this app for your computer in 4 simple steps below:

Step 1: Download an Android emulator for PC and Mac

Ok. First things first. If you want to use the application on your computer, first visit the Mac store or Windows AppStore and search for either the Bluestacks app or the Nox App . Most of the tutorials on the web recommends the Bluestacks app and I might be tempted to recommend it too, because you are more likely to easily find solutions online if you have trouble using the Bluestacks application on your computer. You can download the Bluestacks Pc or Mac software here

Step 2: Install the emulator on your PC or Mac

Now that you have downloaded the emulator of your choice, go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator or Bluestacks application.
Once you have found it, click it to install the application or exe on your PC or Mac computer.
Now click Next to accept the license agreement.
Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application properly.
If you do the above correctly, the Emulator app will be successfully installed.

Step 3: for PC - Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Now, open the Emulator application you have installed and look for its search bar. Once you found it, type Azur Lane in the search bar and press Search. Click on Azur Lane application icon. A window of Azur Lane on the Play Store or the app store will open and it will display the Store in your emulator application. Now, press the Install button and like on an iPhone or Android device, your application will start downloading. Now we are all done.
You will see an icon called "All Apps".
Click on it and it will take you to a page containing all your installed applications.
You should see the icon. Click on it and start using the application.

Step 4: for Mac OS

Hi. Mac user!
The steps to use this app for Mac are exactly like the ones for Windows OS above. All you need to do is install the Nox Application Emulator or Bluestack on your Macintosh. The links are provided in step one

Download on Andriod, Iphone
Free On iTunes
Download Android

Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

Azur Lane Software Features and Description

An ideal Naval Warfare game like you always imagined! ・A unique mix of RPG, 2D shooter and tactical genres combined in a beautifully designed anime game ・Easy and intuitive gameplay, built on the concept of 2D side-scroller, is the main feature of Azur Lane ・Organize up to six ships into flotilla, break through enemy gunfire and defeat them! ・Both AI and manually controlled battles are available, choose whatever you like! ・Build your own fleet. Azur Lane has a wide range of warships from all over the world. ・More than 300 ships, each with its unique stats and represented by a beautiful character! ・Live2D interaction technology is available for selected characters Azur Lane Official Homepage: Official Discord Server: Official Twitter Account: Official Facebook Page: Official Instagram Page:

Top Reviews

  • A great game that lives up to its promises

    By Gehz Hokan
    So to start, I’m not a Day 1 player, I saw the ads for it initially and thought “Oh great, another one of “those” games with Super Rare ships locked behind pay walls and unforgiving gacha rates. But after a few months, my curiosity got the better of me, and boy, was I not disappointed by my experience with it. The gameplay is fun and user friendly, with a wonderful and quirky cast of characters based off of Warships of the early to late 20th century. The dev team is responsive, helpful and the politest group of people I’ve had the pleasure of talking to. Yes there are some “Racy” and “Provocative” aspects to the game which deserves it’s borderline NSFW rating, but fan service was expected, and it isn’t the dominant factor of the game. Gacha rates are fair and forgiving (if RNGsus smiles on you) and you get a very rewarding sense for completing missions. Gems can be earned for completing missions and as event rewards making it a perfectly acceptable free to play game without gnawing at your wallet for another gem fix. All in all, despite the prejudice it faces, Azur Lane is a fun game and will live up to your expectations! Bravo guys, keep up the good work.
  • Totally a Five Star if you’re looking for a grind

    By A Long Lost Man
    This game is great if you’re a fan of the art style and want something simple to pass the time and keep you occupied. It doesn’t take very long to figure out the finer details of the game and the community is more helpful than the ones in most games. More often than not there will be someone who will answer your questions within seconds. The only issue I’ve encountered is that at the end of an event there is no overlap on collection of rewards. For most people it’s not an issue, but since I’ve not even been playing a month at this point I wasn’t at a sufficient level for the event, power leveled, and completed the event with less than a minute to collect my rewards. When I went to collect I instead was met with an infinite load due to the start of maintenance for the next event. I’ll happily revise this and change to a five star once I see that ended events stay in the event tab for an extra day or three upon the completion of an event (just in case there are others like me or I’m unfortunate enough to pull another 24 hour shift at work on the end day of an event and am unable to collect the rewards in time; plus there are those who simply forget and that second chance would go a long way for them too).
  • Ads not misleading!

    By Frosty the Man or Something
    When I first saw ads for this game, I thought “oh it’s another one of these mobile games that lies about the actual content it gives” because I saw the ‘wedding’ feature. Who would put that much effort into making their gacha game? Well this company did. I don’t known why, but I did decide to download it in the end and oh boy has it become my favorite gacha game of all time. This game is extremely nice to F2Ps and the gameplay is extremely entertaining (for me) taking after the bullet hell type of game. The game never pressures you into spending any money, and by doing so the game allows the player to feel like he didn’t need to spend the money but he or she did because they wanted to themselves. Spending money comes in the form of gems, which you can use to do various things, some of which include buying skins or rings to marry your chosen ship waifu (or waifus yes you can marry multiple). Yes, you can marry your waifu... nuff said. TLDR: Game is great, definitely give it a shot.
  • Server And tutorial Issues

    By karmater
    Saw some gameplay of this game and wanted to give it a try. I downloaded it and started it up, however, after I was able to login successfully and try to connect to one of the servers, I keep getting a network error. I tried again multiple times and even tried on the other available servers, still kept getting network error. Even some occasions, I will get very lucky and get to the tutorial sequence. During those times about half way through the tutorial, I lose connection to server and get sent back to the login screen. Also on one of those occasions, I got super lucky and made it were I can pick my starter ship. However, when I pick a starter and they ask for my nickname, I can put the name in but it won’t let confirm it. No invalid input, no error, or anything. It will let me cancel and pick another starter, but the same thing happens again when I try to confirm a nickname. I don’t know what else to do. I got good wifi and the phone is up to date. I really want to play but can’t due to these errors. Am I perhaps missing something I’m not aware of? I hope this can be fix, cause this game looks interesting and want to give it a try.