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TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight for Pc

Written by Kabam

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Download TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight  Download TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight  Download TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight  Download TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight  

Download and install TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight on your Laptop or Desktop computer

If you want to install and use the TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight app on your PC or Mac, you will need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer. We have worked diligently to help you understand how to use this app for your computer in 4 simple steps below:

Step 1: Download an Android emulator for PC and Mac

Ok. First things first. If you want to use the application on your computer, first visit the Mac store or Windows AppStore and search for either the Bluestacks app or the Nox App . Most of the tutorials on the web recommends the Bluestacks app and I might be tempted to recommend it too, because you are more likely to easily find solutions online if you have trouble using the Bluestacks application on your computer. You can download the Bluestacks Pc or Mac software here

Step 2: Install the emulator on your PC or Mac

Now that you have downloaded the emulator of your choice, go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator or Bluestacks application.
Once you have found it, click it to install the application or exe on your PC or Mac computer.
Now click Next to accept the license agreement.
Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application properly.
If you do the above correctly, the Emulator app will be successfully installed.

Step 3: for PC - Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Now, open the Emulator application you have installed and look for its search bar. Once you found it, type TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight in the search bar and press Search. Click on TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fightapplication icon. A window of TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight on the Play Store or the app store will open and it will display the Store in your emulator application. Now, press the Install button and like on an iPhone or Android device, your application will start downloading. Now we are all done.
You will see an icon called "All Apps".
Click on it and it will take you to a page containing all your installed applications.
You should see the icon. Click on it and start using the application.

Step 4: for Mac OS

Hi. Mac user!
The steps to use TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight for Mac are exactly like the ones for Windows OS above. All you need to do is install the Nox Application Emulator or Bluestack on your Macintosh. The links are provided in step one

Download on Andriod, Iphone
Free On iTunes
Download Android

Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight Software Features and Description

Calling all Autobots, Decepticons, Predacons and Maximals! Join Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Waspinator, Rhinox, Grimlock, Soundwave and many more of your favorite bots in the battle for supremacy where Transformers universes collide. This exciting action-fighting RPG brings the heroic storytelling and spectacular action from over 30 years of Transformers history to your mobile device! Features: • Collect iconic bots from the entire Transformers universe • Battle other players with devastating special attacks, ranged blasting, destructible terrain and huge 360° arenas • Team up with your friends, forge alliances and battle in global events • Set a gauntlet of bots and defenses to protect your base, get revenge on those that attack and raid enemy bases • Deploy away teams to score epic loot Roll Out! WiFi or cellular connection is required to play. Optional in-app purchases available. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @ForgedtoFight Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

Top Reviews

  • Deep commitment

    by Le Obervant Critik
    This is a game that is not for the typical player, as you are going to need to invest a lot of time into the game before you’re able to achieve certain things. The game does have a “stamina” system that limits how long you can play in one sitting for constant play, and it takes ages to recharge even by IOS standards. That said, it’s graphically breathtaking, the gameplay itself is fun and intense, and the variety of characters is very impressive. It is careful which series’ it chooses from: G1, Beast Wars, and the movie-verse. And frankly, that’s all it needs, anything more is unneeded and honestly unwanted. A few hiccups to the game though. One, as I said it’s very deep commitment, as you are going to need to clock in a TON of time in order to have the chance to get certain bots or reach certain goals. I was fortunate enough to have two 4* bots in my first month of playing (2 months ago) and have recently gotten my first 5*. Upgrading bots is also very difficult, as doing so requires sparks that you can only obtain 2 day’s a week, 1 day for each class and Sunday allows you to get any of them. Performance wise I have had very little issue. I’ve never had the game crash or freeze, only a little lag in arena fights and that’s it. I will say, this game does drain battery at a surprisingly high rate. As far as Gatcha games go, this one is a very good choice, and as of late, it seems like the drop rates are far better than they used to be.
  • Best game I’ve ever played but....

    by Absolute_Gamer
    Transformers: Forged to Fight is a really good game and I play it almost everyday. But of course, there is problems. For one, if I do raids I can only get to a certain point then it won’t work on me anymore. I get half way through the thing and I it lags me out of the game. Another issue. The rarity of a few characters. For example, you know who I’m talking about. One of our favorite transformers, Bumblebee. Specifically G1 Bumblebee. I like how you had the event. It gave people a fair chance to get both Bumblebees. Other characters are hard to get too, such as S-1000 and the other Sharkticons. Only way to get em is the event or the mission. But the mission is crazy high. You should lower it. Another problem is that you need more characters from the Bay-verse and The Beast Wars series. You have Primal. Add Megatron! There’s so many people you can add. Movie Sideswipe, Predacon Blackarhina (I think that’s how you say it), G1 Cliffjumper, Movie Starscream, Maximal Rattrap, G1 Inferno, Etc.. We do need more Movie and Beast Wars so please add more. Please try to fix these. Or make them better. But this is a really good game. Can you also add Spart. Where you can fight players? I wanna fight some people for fun. Like friends. But this IS a good game. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves Transformers and fighting games. Really good game. Keep it up Kabam.
  • Great game, needs work tho

    by Animolicious1
    Excellent visuals, lots of new and great content. Cool characters with monthly updates. Enough content to keep you occupied for a very long time. Gameplay is decent. Therein lays the downsides: your device cannot handle the power demand for this game very long causing crashes. During which, if you are mid fight during a certain mission, the game resets and you bot loses half its health while the AI regains full health. Repair kits are extremely overpriced, actually all purchasable items in the game are ridiculously overpriced. Updates seem unbalanced, when one resource becomes hard to get, it seems it’s fixed but another resource becomes scarce. Support seems to deflect any answer on any issue and sometimes isn’t even for the game, it responds back with contest of champions responses! Lastly, items accrued after a while, have a shelf life. A lot of work goes into acquiring everything you get, just to have it expire while trying to gather enough of the hard to get stuff like gold and other items needed to advance. Alliances, raids, special missions, arenas, all great stuff but the game has just the right amount of hang ups to make it unenjoyable. Unless you are willing to spend, you will find the cusp of where fun and frustration meet. Love the game, but sleep in separate beds.
  • Best tribute to Transformers universe so far

    by KanyeIsTroubled
    Thank you Kabam for creating the game every movie fan and gen1 80s follower has been waiting for. You went all out. Transformers: FTF offers fantastic graphics to visually impress, game modes for instant gratification or paced leisure. Beautifully illustrated Transformers portraying both the latest movie based characters and honoring the generation 1 bots while keeping everything realistically consistent. Graphics are fantastic, the illustrations are phenom, and playability can be either immediate or allow you to play at your leisure. Pros: Campaign story mode: 3 chapters increasing in difficulty offers challenges and incentive to level up your bots. Base: you place bots on your ‘home base’ and they higher rank they are, the more free gold you get. Raids: you can attack other players’ bases and steal their ‘raid chips’ which you then use to buy items to help you level up. Arenas: fight other players’ bots in tiered difficulty levels for more rewards. AI: Don’t want to spend time tapping at the screen. There’s an AI option to let it fight for you. Cons: (There were many fixes with the 3.1 update. Thanks Kabam!) This game makes my phone really hot. Don't think that can be helped because of the intensity of the game. The App Store video is nice but the screenshots do not do this game justice. Please speak with your graphics team about that white/red text.
  • Greedy

    by CeontreS
    I really like this game, been playing since day one. It’s the only game on my phone and I’m on it all the time. The reason for my 1 star review is that Kabam is losing their minds. In the beginning everything was going awesome and it was well balanced and everyone was having a good time. Then the updates came and along with the updates came problems. As they tried to fix the problems more problems came. It’s like they pushed untested updates. Then comes the major update that EVERYONE hates, it’s when they drastically reduce the output of gold, the most valuable resource in the game because you need it for everything. They say play arenas to get it but you get at most 15k gold from a days work compared to 50k-90k a day from before. So if you get around 10k of gold a day and a bot cost 50k to upgrade, that’s 5 days for one bot. New players good luck, us veterans are just sitting on ore, which is also used for upgrading bots. Yeah we could sell it but we just lose all that we worked for and have gold with no ore. You need gold and ore to upgrade. So we have a problematic game with little to no resources for advancement, this was a stupid move that was made and it pleases no one.
  • Very fun, could use some touching up

    by Brickbob48
    I’ve been playing this game for a while bow and have had a really good time. I love the fact that wheeljack has been added, and overall the combat is just simple and fun. However, there are a few things that are pretty annoying. The first is ranking up bots. The items required to rank up your bots are on a daily rotation, so if you have a demolition class bot you need to rank up, you have to wait until the day demolition missions are available and then grind them in order to get the demolition sparks. This is just a really annoying and tedious process. Another thing is that the story mode gets tiring because it’s not updated when new bots are added, meaning your stuck fighting the same handful of sideswipes, mirages, arcees and sharkticons throughout the entire canpaign, and it gets old really quickly. It would be way better if all the enemies before the bosses would be random bots that change every time you play the mission.
  • The Lag😡🤬

    by Millerjm1982
    Ok I like the fighting mechanic, the graphics for a mobile game is great, great volume of bots.....overall it CAN be fun.......those elements alone is the only reason why I don’t put a one star rate.......but what really irritates me about this game is the lagging......I thought maybe it was cell connection or internet....but I have really high speed internet......the game will run smooth....then bam it turns into stop motion animation with .25 to sometimes .5 second delays from’s never going to get fixed because KABAM doesn’t seem to work or maintain this game enough to keep the game smooth......I am not the only one with this issue....there is a whole community that talks about it......the longest i have ever played without lag surprisingly was about 4-6 weeks.....I’ve had this game since day 1.....of course I do play “contest of champions” more....and naturally that is KABAM’s flag ship game.....Forged to Fight just takes the back try it out, try to enjoy it but just beware the game does not run that smooth and it becomes is almost geared for forced to pay or don’t complete 🤬🤬🤬
  • Great but we need Lockdown

    by chris threston
    This game is very good but there are errors with it. Not every bot from the movie franchise is in here, including the movie version of shockwave, Galvatron, movie version of Lockdown, and movie version of Starscream. Also I am level 19 and I don’t have any 3 stars or more because the crystals have way way too many of the low rewards like In the premium crystal for example when I spin I only see like 3 of the 4 Star bots and 7 of the 3 star bots. The rest are 2 stars which frustrates me because when I tap the crystal (after seeing all 2 stars after passing the big rewards at the beginning) suddenly out of nowhere at the split second I tapped finally 4 Star appears on screen but it’s still spinning and again I land a 2 Star and there is no better rewards I see ahead. Only for crystals that have no bot rewards I get big rewards.
  • Good but room for improvement

    by xlr8rpro
    Overall it’s a pretty good game. I like with the new chip system how each time a new bot is released it’s actually realistic for you to get a 3 Star version of it although idk how it’s even mathematically possible to get 100,000 chips for a 4 Star. I have 3 main criticisms: 1st, 4 star bots are basically non-existent outside of 4 Star crystals. I got extremely lucky early on and got a 4 Star mixmaster our of a premium crystal but I haven’t seen one since and I know many people who are level 36 and above who don’t have a single 4 Star. If there’s any way you guys could increase 4 star drop rates to what they are in contest of champions that would be awesome! 2nd, it is much much harder to get 3 and 4 star shards than in contest of champions due to the lack of both an equivalent to the summoner advancement alliance mission and the fact that duped don’t drop any shards. Finally, while the graphics and renderings are absolutely gorgeous on the iPhone X, this game drains battery at a jaw dropping rate. Not as bad as archetype used to back in the day, but close. About 18% of battery for 25 min screen on time. So, if there’s any way you guys could further optimize the power consumption that would be epic! Over all, it’s a nice game, I love it, But any improvement in these 3 areas would be VERY much appreciated by the community. Oh and also, thank you so much for letting us be able to watch adds to get Energon!!!!!
  • Fun and frustrating

    by KGeezy67
    I am an app tester, so it kills me when a buggy build is released. The game frequently freezes when I type Fight or when going from the achievements screen to Fight. I have to close it and open it again and hope it doesn’t crash again. Of course, I have uninstalled and reinstalled, tried it on other iOS devices, and all the same result. That issue aside, I love it! Beast Wars was my favorite, so to see them in this is super exciting to me. Right now I’m F2P, and I’ll say the daily crystals are a ripoff. I’m not a fan of the spinning wheel prize approach. We know that the game has already chose what we’re gonna get, so don’t get me excited by hanging on a 3 star Dinobot to only slide over to the 1star mod. Along with the crashing, a lot of times the images in the game won’t render. That just makes me sad. Gameplay is fun. I dig the story. The breadth of characters is fun and engaging. This version gets 2 stars, but they fix the crashing

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