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What is Life360?

Life360 is a comprehensive safety app that offers a range of features to protect and connect family members. It provides advanced tools that go beyond basic GPS phone tracking, including emergency support, identity theft protection, and real-time specialist support. The app offers different membership plans with varying features and tools to fit the unique needs of each family.

Software Features and Description

1. Bring your family closer with comprehensive safety features designed for busy, modern life — all in one place for added value and convenience.

2. Download Life360 and get started with advanced Location Sharing, 2 days of Location History, and 2 Place Alerts to see family members come and go from your top places like home, school, and work.

3. Protect and connect the people who matter most with comprehensive safety features for life at home, on the web, and on the go — all in one place for added value and convenience.

4. Upgrade to membership for premium features and tools, backed by 24/7 specialist support and emergency dispatch.

5. - Family Safety Assist for comprehensive real-time specialist support anytime, anywhere, and in any situation.

6. - SOS to send a silent alert with your location to family members, emergency contacts, and responders.

7. - Identity Theft Protection to safeguard each family member’s sensitive digital information and white glove restoration service, including up to $1M in coverage.

8. Go beyond basic GPS phone tracking with smart tools and anytime, anywhere emergency support.

9. - 24/7 Emergency dispatch that’s always on call for your entire family.

10. Enjoy modern, advanced tools that go beyond a basic GPS phone tracker.

11. Disclaimer: Continued usage of location services while the app is in the background can excessively drain battery.

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Download and install Life360: Find Friends & Family on your computer

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Or follow the guide below to use on PC:

Select Windows version:

  1. Windows 7-10
  2. Windows 11

Download and install the Life360: Find Friends & Family app on your Windows 10,8,7 or Mac in 4 simple steps below:

  1. Download an Android emulator for PC and Mac:
    Get either Bluestacks or the Nox App >> . We recommend Bluestacks because you can easily find solutions online if you run into problems while using it. Download Bluestacks Pc or Mac software Here >> .

  2. Install the emulator on your PC or Mac:
    On your computer, goto the Downloads folder » click to install Bluestacks.exe or Nox.exe » Accept the License Agreements » Follow the on-screen prompts to complete installation.

  3. Using Life360 on PC [Windows 7/ 8/8.1/ 10/ 11]:
    • Open the Emulator app you installed » goto its search bar and search "Life360"
    • The search will reveal the Life360: Find Friends & Family app icon. Open, then click "Install".
    • Once Life360 is downloaded inside the emulator, locate/click the "All apps" icon to access a page containing all your installed applications including Life360.
    • Now enjoy Life360 on PC.

  4. Using Life360 on Mac OS:
    Install Life360: Find Friends & Family on your Mac using the same steps for Windows OS above.

How to download and use Life360 App on Windows 11

To get Life360 on Windows 11, check if there's a native Life360 Windows app here » ». If none, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Amazon-Appstore » (U.S only)
    • Click on "Get" to begin installation. It also automatically installs Windows Subsystem for Android.
    • After installation, Goto Windows Start Menu or Apps list » Open the Amazon Appstore » Login (with Amazon account)

  2. For non-U.S users, Download the OpenPC software »
    • Upon installation, open OpenPC app » goto Playstore on PC » click Configure_Download. This will auto-download Google Play Store on your Windows 11.

  3. Installing Life360:
    • Login to your computer's PlayStore or Amazon AppStore.
    • Search for "Life360" » Click "Install" to install Life360: Find Friends & Family
    • Life360: Find Friends & Family will now be available on your windows start-menu.

Minimum requirements Recommended
  • 8GB RAM
  • SSD Storage
  • Processor: Intel Core i3, AMD Ryzen 3000
  • Architecture: x64 or ARM64
  • 16GB RAM
  • HDD Storage

Life360: Find Friends & Family On iTunes

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Free On iTunes Life360 1392277 4.71534 24.12.0 4+

Life360: Find Friends & Family functions

- SOS feature to send a silent alert with your location to family members, emergency contacts, and responders

- 24/7 emergency dispatch for the entire family

- Family Safety Assist for comprehensive real-time specialist support anytime, anywhere, and in any situation

- Identity Theft Protection to safeguard each family member’s sensitive digital information and white glove restoration service, including up to $1M in coverage

- Location sharing, location history, and place alerts

- Automatic crash detection and emergency response

- Roadside assistance

- Stolen phone coverage

- Crime reports to see and avoid dangerous situations

- Family driving summary

- Different membership plans with varying features and tools to fit the unique needs of each family.


- Provides peace of mind for parents and caregivers of individuals with compromised cognitive abilities

- Allows for easy tracking of family members' locations, even when they are traveling

- Can be used to monitor children's commutes to and from school and sports activities

- Location accuracy has greatly improved over the years

- Shows detailed location information, including the building and area within it

- Provides information on any stops made during car rides and the speed of the driver


- None mentioned in the review

Top Pcmac Reviews

  • Does exactly what it says it does.

    By AugustBrown13 (Pcmac user)

    This is a must have app for parents and anyone with dependents (either children or parents) with compromised cognitive abilities. My wife found this app and placed it on my phone after an accident left me loss of short term memory. After the accident, I would literally get lost just trying to go home. My doctor independently recommended the same app to keep track of me. We now use it for everyone in the family, and always know where our kids are, even when they are traveling in a car. It gives everyone incredible peace of mind. We don’t even have to call one another to meet up - we just use the app to track to whomever we are supposed to meet. And when someone is running late, say, to dinner, we can accurately predict when they’ll arrive by tracking their travel. It’s a really, REALLY useful app. And as the original family member for who it was purchased, it gave me great peace of mind knowing that even if I got lost, my family can track directly to me. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone with kids today, for pure safety reasons. You can track to your child’s phone in real time, without help from anyone else, which is critical in the early moments of an abduction. I actually hate most apps and find most of them useless, so I cannot overstate how surprisingly pleased I was to finally find one that’s actually very useful, very simple, very effective, and, in my case, very necessary.
  • Saves the day every day!

    By lisajalexander (Pcmac user)

    I use this to daily to see where my kids are on their commute to and from school and sports. Two of my kids go to high school in a different state and one is a walker to her school. I like seeing them er their safely without having to call them to distract them from driving. Many times, we are in carpools to sports. I can see if my kids are a few minutes away so I can warm up dinner. Or when picking up, I can locate them and click on “get directions” and it takes me right to my child. Sports complexes are big and sprawling. So this helps me locate the exact field or side of the parking lot. One time, I knew a bad storm was coming and I could see that my son was only around the corner and would be home before the storm hit. When my husband is away, I can see when his plane lands. I can meet him easily. I have used it to find my kid when we separate at the mall. So without this app, in order to find out where each person is and to get their eta .. it would take a phone call and conversation with each person. I glance at my phone and get all that in seconds. I don’t have to distract them from driving to do so. This is the most important app I have on my phone and cannot live without it. Currently, we have a snowstorm hitting us hard and school was dismissed early. I am nervously monitoring everyone on life 360 and counting down until they arrive home safely.
  • So far so good

    By cassie1111 (Pcmac user)

    Update: location accuracy has greatly improved in the last few years. For the teens that think this app is ruining something for them, get over it. We didn’t have cell phones when we were teens and this was not an option. We didn’t have Facebook, Snapchat instagram, you get it. Times are different. The overprotective parents of my time would actually follow their kids, happened to some of my friends. That was much more embarrassing than an app that just gets you an angry phone call. I would advise parents to not nitpick their kids regarding location and such. I like to know where my kids are but I’m not terribly concerned about what they’re doing. I can find them if I have to, that’s the point. Upgrading review to five stars. I like knowing where my family is but I wouldn't make an issue with exact locations. This app can give you a general idea of where someone is but is only reliable within a 1 mile range or so. My husband and I can be in the same car and it shows us a mile apart on the highway. My daughter can be anywhere on a very large campus and it still says she's at her dorm. I would say that it's great for general peace of mind, but I wouldn't use it as evidence in court. And the map seems to track every stop you make and that makes for a lot of purple dots, kind of annoying. A trip to the pharmacy looks like ten stops. Otherwise, great app.
  • This app is AMAZING!!!

    By AngiDiamond (Pcmac user)

    I only use the free app of this app as of right now because my daughter is only 12 and not driving as of yet. At first glance, I was a little dismayed because my daughter was a couple of blocks away and it said that she was "home" but upon closer look, I could actually continue tapping the icon where it stayed she was located and it LITERALLY showed me the building she was in and exactly where in the building she was located. It did not give me the unit number but it let me know that she was at the South East Corner of the building which was 💯% correct. It also tells me any stops that is made when she is in the car with someone else and how fast the driver is driving. The only bad part of this is that I can't give it more than 5 stars because this app is most definitely a 10! My daughter went to Mexico with her father for a long holiday weekend and I started getting sick to my stomach about it one night. I remembered that I had the app so I turned it on. At first, the app showed where she was but with no information but I kept tapping the icon with my daughter on it and it ended up showing me EXACTLY where she was in Mexico and I cannot tell you how much that meant to me. I could finally sleep and the next day, I followed them back on this app to make sure there were no problems at the border and that they made it home safely on one of the most dangerous Holidays of the year.

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